Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

with horizontal diaphragm can be used for measuring pressure (also vacuum or compound ranges) between 0-10mbar and 0-25bar (0-4" WC up to 0-400psi). The size of the measuring flange with the diaphragm depends on the pressure range:
Pressure Ranges Flange-Diameter: 0-10 to 0-250mbar = 160mm and 0-400mbar to 0-25bar = 100mm

Diaphragm pressure gauges are available in suitable versions for all kinds of media. For high viscosity, polymerization or heavy contamination problems versions with open flange connections and others are available. Wetted parts can be made of alloy steel, 316 Ti, tantalum or other materials of high chemical resistance. A PTFE-lining of the lower flange and PTFE-foil for the diaphragm are further possibilities for protection of the wetted parts. Protection foils for the diaphragm such as PTFE, fine silver, tantalum or others. A protection foil lowers the accuracy class to ± 2,5 % f.s.

Liquid filled pressure gauges are used to protect the internals against damage caused by vibrations or pulsations, and/or to exclude ambient corrosives or condensations.

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